TEC Grills

TEC pioneered infrared cooking and is the only brand in the world to harness 100% infrared cooking technology that has eliminated cold spots and created a superior cooking experience that harnesses 35% more of your foods natural essence by remitting drippings flavor back into your food. The secret to TEC's juicy charbroiled flavor are the radiant glass panels below the cooking grates that block hot air from rising so it never reaches the food to dry it out or ignite food drippings, you can literally taste the difference when cooking on a TEC grill. TEC offers a full line up of outdoor appliances to go along with your TEC grill, from ice makers to refrigerators, and access doors in multiple sizes that will go along perfectly with your outdoor kitchen no matter its scale. Take your grilling to the next level with TEC grills 100% infrared grilling which is the only infrared technology on the market that doesn't have a learning curve or burn food like other infrared grills.